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HABA Rhino Hero A Heroic Stacking Card Game for Ages 5 and Up - Triple Award Winner - B006ZBLFHA

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  • What is that? Is that a rhino climbing up the wall? Rhino Hero is out and about again. The super hero from the animal world fearlessly scales the highest houses looking for burglars and rogues.

  • He is strong as a lion and as smart as a fox, but also as heavy as a rhinoceros. So when Rhino Hero is around even the most robust tower may start to wobble.

  • Can you help Rhino Hero accomplish his wobbly construction mission and build a skyscraper as tall and solid as possible? A heroic 3D card-stacking game for 2-5 players ages 5 and up

  • Made of Sturdy Cardboard. Contents: 31 roof cards (= action cards), 28 walls, 1 foundation (= starting card) and 1 Rhino Hero.

  • Rhino Hero has won these prestigious awards: Major Fun! Award, Mr. Dad Seal of Approval, PTPA - Parent Tested - Parent Approved

  • Multiple Award Winner!

    Game Idea:

    Together you build a house of cards, floor by floor, as tall as you can for Rhino Hero.  Just like a real house it is made up of walls and ceilings.  As you never know how tall it will become the ceilings look like a roof. The marks on the roof determine how the walls of the following floor have to be erected, and the symbols on the roof determine certain building conditions, which might mix things up a bit. The aim of the game is to be the first to have placed one's roof cards.

    • 31 roof cards (action cards)
    • 28 wall cards
    • 1 foundation (double sided starting card)
    • 1 Wooden Rhino Hero
    • Game instructions

    Place the foundation with either side face-up in the center of the table.  Shuffle all roof cards and distribute five to every player. If there are only two players each player receives seven roof cards.  The remaining roof cards are put in a provision pile away from the foundations.  Get the walls and Rhino Hero Ready.

    How to Play:

    Play in a clockwise direction.  The first player tries to build one of his roof cards. But before you can do so, you have to place one or two walls.  Have a look at the marks on the foundation or on the last roof card that has been placed.  The mark shows the number and position of the walls for the new floor.  Take the required wall(s) and bend it/them to the necessary angle.  Now position it/them and place one of your roof cards on top.
    Some roof cards have special symbols, which determine the building process.

    Purple Arrows: Change of direction - Continue playing but in the opposite direction.  If there are only two players, this symbol is of no importance.

    Blue Exclamation Point: Take a breather - The next player has to take a rest and lose a turn. If there are only two players, it's immediately your turn again.

    Green +1: Additional Card - The next player has to draw a new roof card from teh provision pile before starting to build.

    Red 2x: Double Roof - This card allows you to place a second roof card on top of this one.  However, you may not place a second double roof card on top of a double roof card.  If you do not have any regular roof cards to use as your second card, then you ask your neighbor to the left to pass you one of his roof cards; of course this helps your neighbor get rid of one of his cards.

    Black Rhino Hero: Rhino Hero is climbing again!  The next player has to move Rhino Hero from where he is to the new Rhino Hero mark.  Only then may he place a roof card on the floor.
    Important tower building rules:
    • You can use both hands for stacking.
    • You may touch only the wall or roof card you are placing.
    • Position the walls as exactly as possible on the marks.
    • The roof card must be positioned the same as the foundations.
    • Ideally, the double roof card should be played as the second to last roof card in your hand.  If you play it last, you are still the winner, but can help your neighbor by placing one more card on top of the double roof card.
    The game ends as soon as....
    • a player has built his last roof card.
    or when.....
    • the multi-story building collapses.  The player who made the house collapse loses. The player with the fewest roof cards left wins the game. In case of a draw, the player with the most special symbols on his remaining rof cards wins the game.

    or when.....
    • all the walls have been built. In this very unlikely case, you are ALL super heroes and win together!


    HABA Rhino Hero A Heroic Stacking Card Game for Ages 5 and Up - Triple Award Winner - B006ZBLFHA